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Do you remember where food comes from? What it's like to breathe deeply of fresh air? How the Milky Way brightens the sky on a moonless night?

Need to change your point of view?

Escape from the phones and the emails, from television and traffic. Hide away in the country where you can hear music in the hills and watch the sky change colors.

Come remember what it's like to live close to the earth, where tree frogs serenade in summer while fireflies twinkle, where butterflies drift through the gardens and dragonflies hover around the pond. In autumn, experience the color changes of the hardwoods and reach for apples and pears as they ripen on the tree. Hike around in the crisp fallen leaves. In winter, suit up and sled down snowy slopes. Then build a crackling fire while the wind howls. By spring, you'll want to warm in the sun as dandelions pop up. Why not sit on the pier by the pond and toss out a line with some fresh bait and tempt a bass or bluegill for your supper?

You will find fresh foods grown organically right here on the farm or on nearby farms in Ashe County. Harvest fresh herbs, fruits and flowers in season.

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